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Student Achievement
(NAEP scores out of 100%)

Proficient readers 4th grade: 26 percent

Proficient in Math 8th grade: 10 percent
Standards and Assessments:  A
Quality of Teaching:  C
School Climate:  C

Adequacy:  A

Equity:  A

Allocation:  C-
COMMENT: Very rural and poor with an economy in transition, the state values education and is working hard to improve it. But schools chief plans moves that may set back standards and assessments reform.

Population: 1.828 million
Public school districts: 55
Public schools: 848
Children in poverty: 29%
Single parent families: 24%
Annual K-12 spending: $1.783 billion

K-12 enrollment: 310,511
  • Minority: 5%
  • Pupils with disabilities: 12%
  • Urban: 19%
  • Suburbs and large towns: 15%
  • Rural and small towns: 67%
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