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Student Achievement
(NAEP scores out of 100%)

Proficient readers 4th grade:  Not Available

Proficient in Math 8th grade: 22 percent
Standards and Assessments:  C minus
Quality of Teaching:  D plus
School Climate:  C minus

Adequacy:  C plus

Equity:  C plus

Allocation:  D minus
COMMENT: Still something of a frontier state. Conservative. Political wrangling and ideological bickering retard progress. Residents seem satisfied with schools and reluctant to provide increased funding. Some think good is not good enough.

Population: 1.163 million
Public school districts: 112
Public schools: 601
Children in poverty: 18%
Single parent families: 17%
Annual K-12 spending: $975.377 million

K-12 enrollment: 240,448
  • Minority: 11%
  • Pupils with disabilities: 8%
  • Urban: 13%
  • Suburbs and large towns: 27%
  • Rural and small towns: 60%
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